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255Tarot readings can be a fun way to learn more about your future, but for many people it is a serious way of life. Before you start doing your own readings, it is important to understand your cards.


Tarot dates back to fourteenth century Italy. Only the major arcana (twenty-two cards) was in the deck back thenand the cards were originally used for a game that nobles played. When it re-emerged as a tool for divination, many condemned it and proclaimed it to be a weapon of the Devil. This is mostly due to the cards “Death” and “The Devil” which were considered to be offensive.

Later, it was claimed that tarot cards were created in Israel and it was seen as spiritual tool. There is no proof that tarot cards did originate in Israel and historians are still unsure of where they did originate, thought there are many theories.

Today we have the major arcana (twenty-two cards) and the minor arcana (fifty-six cards).

There is a myth that states that you may not purchase your own tarot cards. If you do this, your readings will be inaccurate. The cards are traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

How It Works

While each person has their own method of doing a tarot reading, this is the method that I would recommend:

Clear your mind.
Clear the deck.

Psychic energy from your previous reading will still be in the deck. The best way to clear the deck from this energy is by shuffling the cards.

Visualise your question clearly.
Cut the deck.

Use your left hand to separate the deck into two separate parts and place the top half on your left hand side.

Lay the cards from the right hand side in a spread.

There are many different spreads you could use. It depends entirely on what you feel most comfortable with. Examples of some spreads are:

Past, present, future

Interpret the meaning of the cards.

Usually when you buy tarot cards, a book will be included explaining the meaning of each card. It is important to know these meanings, but most people use a combination of intuition and their understanding of the card to give a reading. This means that a single card could have a different meaning each time.

End the reading by thanking the deck for the insight it provided.

Tips and Tricks

Never lend someone else your deck. There is a connection between you and your tarot cards and a third party’s spiritual energy will pollute it. The only time another person should touch your deck is when you are doing a reading for them.

Store the cards in a safe place. If you treat the cards with respect, your readings will be more accurate.

Do not attempt a complicated spread, like a Celtic spread, if you are a beginner. Start off with something simple until you are comfortable with your deck and your ability to interpret the cards.

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