The Most Famous Psychic Readers in the World

For all the people who believe in psychic reading, everyone must have wondered who the top, most famous ones are in the world. Here is a list which was build up according to the most well-respected, highest Facebook fans and the most searched online names from all the other psychics.
George Anderson:
George is a humble medium who has natural, in-born talent for communicating with the dead. George Anderson has used his breathtaking gifts to allow families to properly grieve and communicate with their love, yet deceased, ones.
He was also the only medium who was invited to Holland by members of the Anne Frank family who survived the holocaust. He is also known to be the “most scientifically tested psychic medium of the century”
More so, he is also the author of two best-selling books.
Theresa Caputo:
From Long Island, Theresa was originally from New York and has written three books relating to her profession. People adore this lady so much that a lot of time before she actually got famous, she had a waiting list of two years! And now, she has over a million followers on her Facebook page.
Chip Coffey
Another psychic medium who was gifted from birth, Chip Coffey was born in New York and is known for being straight-forward, helping kids adopt to their special abilities, and he just adores animals. He has more than 130,000 fans on Facebook and has been on television multiple times for countless interviews and Chip has also worked with real ghost hunters on the famous series of Paranormal State.
Allison Dubois
A beautiful lady who was the real life inspiration for the television show, Medium. Apart from many inspiring hit T.V shows, Allison has also written multiple books about the afterlife.
Maureen Hancock
Another famous medium on the rise in the United States, the ability to communicate with the dead hit her after a terrible car accident in 1992. Maureen is a medium from Massachusetts and is well known for amazing sense of humor. Her details and accuracy of communication is so astounding that her tickets for her show are sold out almost immediately after they are made available.
Michelle Whitedove
Michelle has proved her amazing, yet genuine, psychic abilities on multiple reality shows including America’s Psychic Challenge, where she was proudly name as America’s #1 Psychic. This was a well-deserved title for her because she is not one, but many things, including a spirit medium, psychic detective and a health intuitive. Michelle was also featured in a documentary on HBO called “No One Dies in Lily Dale”

Similar to these famous names, there are many other world famous psychic readers like John Holland, John Edward, James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams. Everyone named, fall into the category of the world’s top ten most famous psychic readers. And if you want to get a psychic reading from one of them, get in line!

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