Difference between Fake and Authentic Psychic Readers

Psychics, or at least the one that call themselves that, are quite common and can be easily found in your local area. However, you need to realize that psychic abilities are quite rare in fact, and not everyone can become a psychic reader or medium.
Here are some of the most prominent traits to differentiate real psychic readers from fake ones.
Most on-line psychics ask you for your date of birth and the star sign you fall into. After this, they claim to be getting information about you immediately. What, in reality, actually happens is that after knowing your birth date, they check up on the local newspapers for horoscopes and astrology reading and just rephrase that and make you believe they are actually getting some sort of spiritual guidance.
Fake online psychics also ask you about the country, city and town you live in and your age because the place around you tells a lot about your lifestyle, education, job opportunities, and your social status. This helps them to easily make stuff about your life and you automatically start relating it and forcefully fitting their statements into your real life, allowing you to believe that they have actual psychic abilities.
Another thing fake psychics are most likely to do is to tell you that they can bring back your dear loved ones if you bring them enough things like money, candles, etc. they also tell you that you have a curse on you and your family and people instantaneously relate the curse to any recent mishaps occurred, and believe the fake psychic. Fear is easily controlled especially when it comes to loved ones. So make sure to stay away from any person who tells you similar stories.
Frauds also do not like to be tested and they will hate it if you ask them questions only you know the answers to or answers which cannot be easily manipulated out of you. If they do not allow you to ask a few questions, immediately cancel the meeting and walk-away.
When you are not sure about the psychic reader, go to him in a casual manner wearing basic clothes, no jewelry, and no expensive ornaments. Your clothes, accent and jewelry can tell the psychic a lot about your life, social status, education and relationship status. Fake psychics will use this information to make you trust their authenticity. On the other hand, real psychics, regardless of what you’re wearing, will be able to tell you about your life.
Fake psychics are known for asking you a lot of questions about yourself in order to manipulate information out of you which they can just rephrase and impress you with. Authentic psychics will allow you to ask questions and will focus on answering your questions instead of the opposite.
Stay away from con artists and frauds which may make you believe that they are authentic, while ripping you off.

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