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There are two types of tarot reading; question reading and open reading. Open reading is the type of tarot reading which addresses the larger aspects of life. It does not focus on specific problem are or a particular question. It is usually done when someone is willing to enter into some new phase of life. When someone is willing to get married, graduate from college, start family, etc are the times when the open reading are done. The reading can be directed in general way if you are having certain areas to be covered like health or career but make sure that you remain specific to the topic.

Description of tarot reading deck

Now let us discuss about the tarot decks. There are number of tarot decks available and there is no standard in the number of cards across all decks. The cards types, suits and their meaning are same but the illustrations vary greatly. The decks are based on different themes like the animals, nature, fantasy, etc. The most commonly used deck in some of the countries is Rider Waite deck which was developed in 1909. It was developed by Waite and published by the Rider and company.

The artist used in the Waite deck is Pamela Colman smith and this deck is of 8 cards. This was the only deck which was available for many years in many of the countries and thus it is considered to be the definitive tarot deck. In real, there is no definitive tarot deck. The tarot deck is basically made from the Minor Arcana and the major Arcana, The minor Arcana of the deck have 4 suits. The normal cards contain hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. In tarot reading it contains wands, swords, cups and circles. The meaning of each suit is different and each one is specific approach towards life. The cards within each suit are numbered from 1 to 10 and it also includes the cards like king, queen, page and knight. Basically, he minor arcane cards represent the minor and practical ups and downs of life.

The major Arcana in the tarot reading are not associated with the suits. It includes the picture cards which represent concepts, ideals and principles. Those cards are numbered from 21 and the 22d card is considered fool and marked as 0. The Major Arcana cards are the symbol for long term energy and big events of life.

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