Question tarot reading

01What is tarot reading?

When the term tarot card reading comes, many of the people think of a woman with flowing robes and leaning on a small table foretelling the future. But in fact that is not about the tarot card reader. Tarot card reading is a different thing and it is not really related with the foretelling our fortune or future. The powerful sources say that tarot is something which brings you closer to you higher self. Are you clear about it? We will look at various ideas about the tarot reading and the information about the deck of cards will be passed on to you. You will be able to understand why it matters when the cards fall at specific place and for tarot reading you don’t need to be a psychic.

There are two types of tarot readings; question reading and open readings. Question reading type of tarot reading is the one where you are addressing a specific question. Tarot is not related with answering in yes or no format. Most of the questions would be asked to guide you to make the decision and it wouldn’t be asked to make decisions. This is the reason why the way the question is stated is important.

Question reading

When you have gone for tarot reading, make sure that you keep the options open. If you have the answer even before reading, then you are not letting the cards guide you in the decision. If a person is not well with the mother-in-law then the question should be kept like what should be done to be well with her. But some people ask what should be done to throw her out. The narrowing of question narrows the answer also. So, it is important that the options are kept open. The question that you are asking should be focused and should not contain more details. Look at the broader way for any question. Always be focused on the question and don’t go far away from the question that it becomes difficult to coordinate.

If the reading is done for you then make sure that you stay focused. The question should focus you and it should focus someone else whom you think to be the root of the problem. If the reading is for you and you are asking why your son is experimenting drugs, then it is a different path. Keep the reading focused. The question needs to be neutral and you need to be open to others point of view.

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